A Not so Relaxing Vacation Day

After breakfast this morning, I decided to tackle my nightmare of a closet. It turned out to be an even tougher feat than I expected – I’m not even done! I did manage to sort out a plethora of clothes that don’t fit anymore or haven’t worn in a long time. Goodwill will be receiving a large donation from me! I took a break from closet cleaning a little after noon to make an easy but filling lunch of a Boca Burger, Veggie Soup, Green Beans, and Cauliflower in Cheese Sauce. SO much food! 🙂

I returned to cleaning and some other chores before I worked out. I completed a Jillian Michaels Yoga Meltdown workout via HBO on Demand Exercise TV. Body training is the best! I LOVE this workout. It is challenging and leaves you feeling completely worked out without killing yourself. Plus, yoga always leaves your body feeling great.
This is my “give away” clothing pile! Some one is going to score big time.. and I have more space! 😉
closet clean up
After my workout, I munched on a fresh apple sprinkled with cinnamon. This is seriously the best and easiet natural snack/dessert I can imagine.

I also munched on a mini no bake cookie that I made yesterday according to Eating Bird Food’s Recipe Yum!

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Hello Three Day Weekend!!

I made it another week! Even though this one was only a four day week! 🙂 yay! I have survived yet another week preceding Standardized testing, National Choral Competition, and AP Tests :/ , while attempting to make my other teenage commitments, i.e., social life, sleep, food, and then some sleep.

But when I woke up this beautiful spring morning, I was in for a shock…

Yep, snow. Having been born in July, this girl is NOT a fan of cold weather, especially in April. I don’t live in the Arctic Circle either..

Oh well! At least I’m sitting at home relaxing for a few minutes. And besides, a great breakfast makes any morning a good morning! I decided to start off my breakfast with my own recipe of a Chocolate Protein Pancake inspired by Peanut Butter Finger’s Chocolate Protein Pancake with my own twist.

In a bowl I mixed together:
* 1 scoop chocolate protein powder (mine has 100 calories and 18 g protein)
* 2 tablespoons of water
* 1 large egg white
* sweetener to taste ( In my case, a generous tablespoon of Splenda!)
* about a tablespoon of a mashed banana

Protein Pancake Ingredients

I then mixed these ingredients very well until the concoction was uniform and smooth and put it in a small skillet that had been sprayed with Pam. I let it cook until the top started to bubble, then flipped it. In the process of flipping, I totally mutilated my pancake… but it all tastes the same! 🙂 This pancake is hard to flip because it contains egg white, making it be more like an omelet to flip. I topped this pancake with some sugar free syrup, but any toppings would taste great! Next time I may try throwing on a few strawberries and maybe even whipped cream. How could that be bad? If I had wanted a more banana chocolate taste, I would have added more banana, but I could barely taste the tablespoon I did add.

Approximate Nutrition for Protein Pancakes:
130 Calories/25 grams of protein/5% DV Sodium

My breakfast was rounded up with some Yoplait Light Thick and Creamy Cinnamon Roll Yogurt (I am OBSESSED with this stuff) and a cup of coffee.

Now that I am completely stuffed, I’m going to try and catch up on a few things on my day off with some quality lounging and relaxation thrown in! 🙂

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